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Click on the LP and 45 rpm records page. Jimmy Ellis (born February 26, 1945 - died December 12,1998) was born in Orrville, Alabama on February 26th of 1945. These titles and their eye catching specially made front covers would appear to be exclusively for internet downloads (eg. Low prices on Jimmy Ellis discography of music albums at CD Universe, with top rated service, Jimmy Ellis songs, discography, biography, cover art pictures, sound samples, albums, etc. . Informacin detallada del sitio web y la empresa: fanoscoatings.com, +62218463662, +62218463274, +622189841479, +62231320713, +623185584958 Home - FANOS ASIA She was 16 going on 21 and I was 21. Then it happened. EIN:Jimmy Ellis, the personaway from the stage or recording studio. Death 12 Dec 1998 (aged 53) . Jimmy Hodges Ellis (born Jimmy Hughes Bell, February 26, 1945 - December 12, 1998), who used the stage name Orion at times in his career, was an American singer. We hope that thisweb site will in some way bring to light thetalent of Jimmy Ellis (Orion) and that it will bring you, as fans, or as new comers, joy through the love of his music and his short life on this earth. Cover/label scans wanted of any of the following: Cover scans of discs issued on the unofficial Jack Daniels label. Ellis hailed from Orrville, Alabama and began his recording career in 1964. Take a look at the following table for more information. http://www.elvisinfonet.com/spotlight-orion-2014.html, The Tonight Show from NY with Jimmy Fallon. iTunes, Amazon) and not physical discs. The Kissin Cousins movie was on at the local theater, and I had seen it recently. The CDs are offered on the official web site: www.orionjimmyellis.com. Genesis.Jimmy Hughes Bell was born on 26 February 1945 to a single mother (named) Gladys. EIN: Bobby, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers and Jimmy Ellis/Orion fans? Jim Highley. So, thats how Jimmy Ellis and I met and became lifelong friends. Jimmy was a really good guitar player and very musically inclined. Leave a comment or question. Little is known about Jimmy's life before becoming a recording artist - what is known is that he was raised by traditional but loving parents who ensured he was able to receive a good education. Born in 1945 in Orville, Alabama. What exactly happened? Orion's mystique and allure was so universally popular among fans that Orion singles and albums were released in Europe and "downunder" in Australia. Scheduled for release next year is Jeanne Finlay's intriguing film, Orion: The Man Who Would Be King, and also due for release in 2015 is a radio documentary about southern USA music which includes a segment about the Jimmy "Orion" Ellis story. Which memorial do you think is a duplicate of Jimmy Ellis (19214)? He said, "Don't worry about it, you don't buy the fuckin records anyway." 2. In 1972, he worked for Sun Records (Presley's label) with producer Shelby Singleton in Nashville. Bobby D.: As mentioned before, it was Elaine Thompson, Jimmys ex-wife and another lady who normally worked at the store. We have just received an intro and preview clip of the up coming documentary "Orion The Movie". The film is being produced by Jeanie Finlay, a British artist and filmaker. Three thugs intent on thievery pulled up outside the pawn shop on Dec. 12, 1998, and one of them Jeffrey Lee walked inside, pulled a sawed-off shotgun hidden in his heavy . [5] His vocals closely resembled those of Elvis Presley, and in 1969 Shelby Singleton, who had acquired the rights to Sun Records' back catalog, other than Presley's recordings for the label, released a single of Ellis' recordings of Presley's early songs, "That's All Right (Mama)" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky". Scan of the German cassette release LET YOUR LOVE FLOW on the Sun/Bellaphon label. Jimmy was, and still is, my favorite Elvis sound-alike singer. After winning a state fair competition, his first professional performance was in a Demon's Den nightclub in Albany, Georgia. The controversial 'Reborn' album with its "coffin" cover. Very sadly, it is possible, even probable, Jimmy Ellis never fully realised the enormity and significance of his impact as a recording and performing artist! Sung By . We were in the same dorm building on campus at Middle Georgia College in Cochran, GA. Every morning from my room I would hear this loping sound of cowboy boots coming down the hall and some guy humming and singing lowly. Bobby D.: Well, we just had a limited number of the out-of-print CD - Orion Country repressed. Boomer on Shelby. The other lady fell to the floor with blood on her and played dead while Jimmy tried to crawl behind a computer desk. Their fascinating book, True Disbelievers The Elvis Contagion, featured excerpts from several interviews with Jimmy Ellis which shed further light on his frustration with his musical direction, including: On working in the recording studio with Shelby Singleton, Jimmy stated: We'd play it back, you know, in Shelby's office, and I'd say, "That's not right." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________. How many other Elvis tribute artists have book, film and radio documentary adaptations of their story? He was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States on February 26, 1945. Youmans formed a small group and had Jimmy sing at a few local schools. The world lost a great singer. Again, the speculation was that Elvis had sung on the songs, particularly "Save the Last Dance for Me". ORION (JIMMY ELLIS) A STRANGER IN MY PLACE 6 RADIO STATION SPOTS SUN 1152 MINT-. I was in a small band named the Catalinas in Macon, GA my hometown and loved music. Orion had several hits on the country music chart, including "Am I That Easy to Forget" (1980), "Rockabilly Rebel" (1981), and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (1981). That was December 4, 1998 - The Nightlife Theatre in Nashville, TNwhat a show!!! Ellis first album appearance for Sun was as an unidentified singer singing duet with Jerry Lee Lewis on ten tracks of the 1978 album Duets (Sun 1011). The terrain is 2.5 and difficulty is 2 (out of 5). Interview conducted by Nigel Patterson, EIN (July 2014), Read: EIN's 2014 "Jimmy Ellis/Orion" article. Being in a band, we did some Elvis songs, and I was a big fan and knew Elvis voice well. He was standing before the display counter in his Jimmy's Pawn and Package Store just after noon Saturday when the gunman burst in and, in seconds, turned the quiet shop into a slaughterhouse. This is a fan site. Two years before she had begun a novel about a musical superstar, Orion, who faked his own death to find much-needed peace and privacy, based on the circumstances surrounding Elvis death. Jimmy Ellis (with mask) as Orion (note his hair color), Orion (sans mask) as Jimmy Ellis (note his natural hair color), Above images sourced from the official "Orion-Jimmy Ellis" website. In an, Georgia Pines CD - Playground Records Promo Card. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Ellis was gunned Down in His Alabama Pawn Shop December 12, 1998. Jimmy "Orion" Ellis, also known as James Hughes Bell was an American Singer. He was NOT an impersonator, as he tried desperately to explain. Besides, I had childhood issues that I was not good enough. 6 1971-1973' Book Review: 'Elvis - The Man & His Music'#100 review: 'Elvis - Aloha Via Satellite: A 40th Anniv Release' Book Review: 'The Elvis Files Vol. As they say all PR is good PR! How many Elvis tribute artists have commercially produced memorabilia released about them? [9][10][11] The film won the Discovery Award at the British Independent Film Awards 2015. Ellis hailed from Orrville, Alabama and began his recording career in 1964. Very soon after Jimmy entered the store, a young black guy came in carrying a sawed off shotgun and demanded money. How many Elvis tribute artists have had 10 Top 100 hits on the Country Music Chart? 1. Went to Lanier Sr., a great all boys public, military high school. Born February 26, 1945, Jimmy (Bell) Ellis was adopted and raised in Orrville, Alabama. Bobby D.: Actually, I know there are bootleg ones out there, but Im not familiar with all of them. The apposite outcome saw Jimmy dramatically rip off his Orion mask in frustration during a" live" performance in 1983. We put the official web site www.orionjimmyellis.com together three months before his tragic death in December 1998. $4.00 shipping. had 10 Top 100 hits on the Country Music Chart in the US! Ellis was born in either Pascagoula, Mississippi,[2] Orrville, Alabama,[3] or Washington, D.C.,[1] United States, into a single parent home. I finished college with a BBA while my wife worked, and I got the GI Bill. In their illuminating examination of the infamous 'Elvis Underground' and activities around the belief Elvis did not die in 1977, Professors R. Serge Denisoff and George Plasketes addressed the Orion phenomenon. If you can help with any small detail please contact me at: Promotional 8 track tape added for upcoming Dradco release of the album, Updated info on the new CD release of the. But later after collegeJimmy and I reconnected and had experiences in the 70s where he did various club shows etc., in Macon and other towns. The coffin cover caused a lot of controversy and was replaced. In 1972, he worked for Sun Records (Presley's label) with producer Shelby Singleton in Nashville. One of them, a tall guy with a buzzed haircut, was sitting on a single bed by an old record player and a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Singleton duly took Orion back to Elvis's roots in rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, country, blues, and gospel. Newspaper adverts and reports of his numerous appearances also very much appreciated. Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. With Jerry Adams, Sharon Attaway Nettleton, Gail Brewer-Giorgio, Boomer Castleman. In early 1965, I transferred to Georgia Southern College in Statesboro, GA and lost touch with Jimmy for a number of years. Sun Records legend Orion (Jimmy Ellis) is known internationally for his gifted singing ability and dynamic personal appearances. Scan of the Plantation Records cassette release 16 AWARD WINNING COUNTRY SONGS. It will focus on his early years before he became the masked singer Orion. Ellis hair and long sideburns were dyed black, and he dressed in a loud, bejeweled polyester jumpsuit, with a mask to protect him from crazed fans. In 1972, he worked for Sun Records (Presley's label) with producer Shelby Singleton in Nashville. Orion page at Sun Records; Jimmy at Elvis Wiki Help us spreadthe word about our cinema releaseby signing up for an ORIONtweetor aFacebookpost here onThunderclap. It is written by myself (Kenneth Dokkeberg), Steve Kelley (Orions road manager) and Bobby Dillard (personal friends since College). Thank you very much!! 5 1969-70' Book Review: 'From Hawaii to Las Vegas' FTD CD Review: 'Young Man with the Big Beat' In-Depth Review: 'Fashion For A King' FTD in-depth Review: The Music of Elvis Presley - Australian Radio Show, Elvis Presley In Concert "downunder" 2006, Graceland - The National Historic Landmark. A man who for more than 10 years chased a career as a romantic southern crooner with a love of rockabilly and nostalgic love songs. Pinterest. His voice was similar to Elvis Presley's, a fact which he and his record company played upon, making some believe that some of his recordings were by Presley, or even that Presley had not died in 1977. He could laugh about most anythinghe was alot of fun at home and especially on stage!! It was obviously a terrible tragedy, and I will never forget the call I got at 11:00 pm on that Saturday night December 12 from Shirley telling me Jimmy was dead. These songs has appeared on other compilations or a collection of songs. In 1999, the famed German company, Bear Family Records, released a 4CD box set of 108 Orion recordings: From the pr for the box set: It was Orion Eckley Darnell, keeping the flame of rootsy Southern music alive in the Seventies, and doing it by sounding remarkably like Elvis Aaron Presley. He then left the store and caught up with his two young friends waiting down the road in a car. Official site; Kenneth Dokkeberg's Jimmy Ellis / Orion website; Musiclovers - Discography, audio samples and a lot more! He began by overdubbing him onto recordings by Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Charlie Rich, and then recording solo albums which many fans thought were better than many of Elvis's later LPs. Tell us about that. He had perfect pitch, automatic vibrato, and wide range in his voice. The association ended in 1982, and this boxed set includes the very best of the recordings that Jimmy Ellis made for Sun. EIN:One of the incredible things about Jimmy and his Orion alter-ego is that there were around 150 bootleg recordings of his studio and live recordings released. [7] Jeffrey Lee was convicted of the murder of Ellis and Ellis's ex-wife Elaine Thompson, who was working as an employee at the store, and the attempted murder of employee Helen King. All three are being held without bail and are facing the possibility of the death penalty on two counts of capital murder, authorities said. If you want to support the artist or artists that recorded and released this music, please go and purchase their music. James Burton Interview - Rick Nelson & Elvis: Elvis Drummer Jerome "Stump" Monroe EIN Interview: Elvis in 1969 - Ann Moses & Ray ConnollyInterviews: Ernst Jorgensen interview about 'On Stage' and Elvis' Legacy in 2010: 'The Nation's Favourite Elvis Song' Spotlight. Running time: 86 minutes in full colour. Listeners of Orion were initially split into two camps: those who knew that Orion was Jimmy Ellis just having some fun sounding like Elvis , and others who sincerely believed or wanted to believe that he was truly Elvis coming back on the scene after faking his own death. Add your masked portrait to I Am Orion, THE ROLLERCOASTER RISE AND TRAGIC FALL OF THE You can make comments on the tab provided, or on the Orion Facebook Fan Club. This is a FOUR CD 5" digi-pak, this set features three concerts, Shreveport Louisiana July 1, 1976, Baton Rouge, July 2, 1976 and Elvis' last home-town concert Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis July 5, 1976. More recently, one of the few remaining groups in the once prolific and infamous (so-called) 'Elvis Underground' has stated that Jesse (aka the 'still alive' Elvis) believes some of the Orion/Jimmy Ellis recordings are actually him (Jesse) singing. Brewer-Giorgio's novel, Jimmy Ellis' career aspirations, and Shelby Singleton's business converged to create Orion, the masked singer who allowed Jimmy to essentially perform as Elvis Presley for those grief-stricken audiences who wanted to believe he was still alive. Dradco will release a 6 CD set in 2018 to commemorate the 20th anniversary since Jimmys passing. The music industry is filled with many strange tales of artists whose lives took unexpected turns on the winding road to success, but the saga of singer Jimmy Ellis is perhaps one of the weirdest of them all. A hit record or some fuckin' tour we did that on many a time. Apparently, it was just a few seconds after the guy entered that he fatally shot Jimmy in his left side and then swung the gun around shooting Elaine in the face killing her instantly. EIN: There are conflicting reports of who else was with Jimmy at the time, some reports say his fianc, others say his ex-wife. As Jim Ellis, he released an album in 1987 and continued to tour North America; interestingly, he resumed wearing his mask. Scan of the 8 track cassette release ORION 20 ALL TIME FAVORITES. Orion Jimmy Ellis - The Official Web Site Michael Stevens ORION Almost ELVIS Official American Singers Orion Elvis The Man Official Jimmy Ellis "Orien" Graham Carpenter Elvis Aaron Presley Waiting In The Wings Apocalypse Ellis Jimmy Interview It has hundreds of unseen photos, interviews with musicians and other people close to Jimmy. ", and it was rumored that they were alternate takes from Presley sessions (despite featuring an electric rather than string bass). Jimmy just could not help that he sounded like someone else EP. February 1945 - 13th. With fans more interested in seeing "Kemo Sabe" rather than Jimmy Ellis, he spent the next few years focusing more on his business affairs than his music career. [3] . When you find it, write your name and date in the logbook. Jimmy Ellis 1937-2012 It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of our friend and original lead singer, Jimmy Ellis, on Thursday, March 8, 2012 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. All three men were apprehended. Could you clarify who was working with him that day? For the soul singer, member of The Trammps, please see Jimmy Ellis (2) Sites: Wikipedia, orionjimmyellis.com, oriondiscs.com Aliases: Thanks for your help!. To The Official Orion - Jimmy Ellis Web Site, http://tribecafilm.com/stories/tribeca-film-festival-2015-viewpoints, http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/orion-the-man-who-would-be-king. December 1998. It is pertinent to say that while Jimmy was fanatically worshipped by fans, it was Gail Brewer-Giorgio and Shelby Singleton (remember the infamous "Duets" album with Jerry Lee Lewis) who were banking the lion's share of money as the cash registers kept on "ching chinging" as Jimmy Ellis/Orion connected with an avid, loyal and increasingly fanatical audience. If I Can Dream.The internal struggle that Jimmy Ellis had with his Orion alter-ego and his burning desire to record quality music appears to have been ever present. the story behind Bobby D's friendship with Jimmy Ellis, how Jimmy felt about his "Orion" character. With few bookings for Jimmy Ellis 'live on stage' there was still a substantial (albeit diminishing) demand of fans to satisfy their deep-seated psychological need and hope that their King had not left them. Consequently, this meant Jimmy could only get well paying work if he donned the Orion mask and (to him) even worse, an Elvis jumpsuit. The shooter is in jail with a death sentence.

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