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Postwar Changes Guided Reading Pdf As recognized, adventure as competently as experience practically lesson, amusement, as without difficulty as treaty can be gotten by just checking out a ebook Chapter 27 World History Cold War And Postwar Changes Guided Reading Pdf as well as it is not directly done, you could say you will even more Guided Reading Lesson Plans Students may need extra assistance with reading instruction for a variety of reasons, including speaking English as a second language, having an attention. How are the Enlightenment and the spread of democracy connected? What role did priests and bishops play in the early Christian Church? They have implemented the Kyoto Protocol (a treaty on climate change to reduce Greenhouse Gases). 10 Guided Reading Questions. The aging of Off the Boats receivables at year-end indicated uncollectibles of$28,500. Other sets by this creator. \text{Accounts payable} & \$\hspace{5pt}62,000\\ Nordic countries are all __________, ___________ economies that rely on foreign trade. Identify the part of speech for the word as it is used in this sentence, and write the correct answer in the space provided. Collectively, they, The countries of Northern Europe include Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, and. wikipedia , Local winds cause weather pattern changes. Off the Boat reported net income of $93,000 in 2018. Three activities that are harming natural environment in Northern Europe are ____________, ________________, and _________. The Reformation in Europe C. Main Idea: With the Peace of Augsburg, the Holy Roman Empire accepted the division of Christianity in Germany. 40.00%b.c.\scriptstyle\begin{array}{|l|c|c|l|c|l|l|} marked by mobility. Eliminating tariffs and other trade barriers, The economy of Northwestern Europe is highly developed and ------, Northern Europe uses large amounts of ----- -----, which generates many ----- ------, Countries that border the -------- Sea use that body of water for waste disposal, The problem of ------- is a major concern for the European Union, although proper management ha somewhat reversed the problem in the Northeast Atlantic and in the Baltic sea, Manufacturing and the heavy use of motor vehicles has produced --- ----- throughout the region, Precipitation known as ---- ---- results from moisture combining with air polluted with acidic chemicals, This precipitation ruins forests and rivers, kills ---- and other organisms when it flows into lakes, and damages buildings, especially those made of limestone, Countries in the EU (European Union) can face ------ ----- if they don't respect environmental laws, Many factories now burn ------ --- instead of coal, or are powered by fuels such as solar and wind power, Al the countries in Northwestern Europe have ratified, or approved, the ------- -------, part of a treaty in climate change, The ---- ---- ----- system creates economic incentives to reduce emission levels, The EU's ----- ----- requires that several rivers in Europe must undergo major restoration by 2015, Greenpeace, Oceana, and Seas At Risk are three ----- that are working to protect ecosystems, Reading Guide: Chapter 12 Lesson 1 (Coach Jed), Chapter 12 (Southern Europe) - based on guide, Northern Europe chapter 10, lessons 1,2 and 3, list #13 gray, grey vocab #9, list #7 gray, l, Social Studies American History: Reconstruction to the Present Guided Reading Workbook, Dahia Ibo Shabaka, Larry S. Krieger, Linda Black, Phillip C. Naylor, Roger B. Beck, Our Country's Geography chapter 1 review and, 6th Grade SS Essential Knowledge - CHAP 1. There are also follow-up activities to help prepare effective intervention activities to make sure that everyone in your class is reading on grade level. It brought foreign persons but poorer families would move because of a lack of money. FemaleMale395323291355. A. German and French trenches alike were fortified with barbed wire____ and Guided Reading is small group lessons. b) What confidence level did the pollsters use? ~~~~~~~\text{Total current liabilities}&\underline{145,000}&\underline{130,000}\\ Iceland's two natural resources, geothermal energy and hydropower, can be described as __________ and __________ sources of energy. You can start building your lesson . Each book title has multiple levels for a wide range of readers in kindergarten and first grade. 1. Directions: Read the lesson and complete the outline below. \text { Selling } \\ (4) $2.99. Countries retained their free government health care systems. lookup, Renaissance philosophy \text { Overhead } \\ The European Union has established low-emission zones in Eastern Europe, which are areas where all new factories must meet strict environmental protection standards. These resources are designed to support students in small group learning settings by helping them reach their learning goals. Human Geography of Northern Europe. \text{Expenses}\\ With long, continuous, assiduous effort, anyone can .. On a sheet of paper, use the given term in a sentence 'fascism', The ----- and the ---- plain is an area of relatively flat land that's good for farming, The --- systems and fertile soil make an area good for farming, The Southern edge of the plains is covered in -----, a fine, rich kind of soil left by glaciers. ~~~\text{Selling and administrative}&120,800&114,800\\ An economic system in which business leaders use profits to expand their companies, The idea that society should be based on public ownership and communal control of property, The mass murder of 6 million Jews by Germany's Nazi regime during WW2, The power struggle between the Soviet union and the US after WW2, The granting of self-rule to local and regional authorities, A foreign laborer living and working temporarily in another country, An industry engaged in agriculture on a large scale, sometimes including the manufacture and distribution of farm supplies. We provide the extracts in a variety of genres, differentiated questions AND challenge activities so there's no need to worry! What problems might arise with this bonus plan? What is a major long-term effect of the Protestant Reformation? Since we use a large amount of natural resources AND continue to emit pollutants, we can't keep the health of resources high. To avoid confusion, the three terms are defined below.. Test, the narrowest of the terms, usually refers to a . Name 4 processes that influence Northern Europe's climate patterns. a warm dry wind developing in the lee of any mountain range. foehns a warm dry wind developing in the lee of any mountain range. Chapter 12: Northern and Southern Europe - Flashcards Get access to high-quality and unique 50 000 college essay examples and more than 100 000 flashcards and test answers from around the world! Medieval popes controlled the. \text{Other current liabilities } & \underline{42,000}\\ The applicant was very impressive in the interview, and we will hire him. 419 What. Sep 9, 2011 - Explore Shelley S.'s board "Guided Reading Activities", followed by 1,983 people on Pinterest. maison d'amelie paris clothing. As the population of . 5. The separating of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. ~~~~~~~\text{Total expenses}&\underline{558,600}&\underline{488,800}\\ Guided reading pre-reading activities serve several purposes: Give students a moment to get focused for the lesson Allow the teacher time to take a running record (more on that in just a minute) Lets students warm up their brains for learning I have several go-to guided reading pre-reading activities that are both effective and engaging. The Ubiquity - The student news site of Quartz Hill High School Assume that Roth's accountants are expected to work a total of 8,000 direct labor hours in 2018. Go around and repeat this activity with every child's name in your class. \text{Current liabilities}\\ Meet the Authors: Nathan Bryon & Dapo Adeola Activity Pack The Three Little Pigs eBook 4.9 (54 reviews) 1)Latitude, 2)mountain barriers, 3)wind patterns, and 4) distance from large bodies of water. 13: European Society in the, How did Martin Luther react when peasant rebels took up his banner, Each student will research the background, accomplishments, and. Students stay seated with their reading groups and work together to complete differentiated task cards, rather than moving around inefficiently. Then UPLOAD your new saved version into CANVAS. Shipping industries drag native species into local waterways. CHAPTER 1. The teacher supports each reader's development of effective reading competencies. Includes audio, annotation tools, and approaching level option for the student text. This Guided Reading resource is packed full of guided reading activities and lessons for your small group instruction! Using the high-low method, determine (a) the variable cost per unit and (b) the total fixed cost. If you feel like your guided reading routine could use a fresh take, here are thirteen of the best activities to really make your reading lessons pop! How does the amount of education of ones parents (PAEDUC, MAEDUC) affect your education (EDUC)? ISBN 978-1-929631-75-9 Publisher's Cataloging-In-Publication Data Trahair, R. C. S. Encyclopedia of Cold War espionage, spies, and secret operations / Richard C.S. A. Vehicular usage causes air pollution. \end{array} It has fertile soil and water resources from rivers. Trahair. The rivers allowed for economical activities to be possible, forwarding the regions development economically. Women are achieving __________________ status in Nordic society, nearing the same status as men in the workplace. For students who are keen to track their reading wherever they are, this reading log is the perfect organizational tool. the blanks. Eastern Europe is made up of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and. quizlet guided reading activity world geography north africa 15 2 northwestern europe chapter 11 lesson 1 2 and 3 . Your students reading skills can benefit from the total physical response elicited by these games, and these ideas can make the reading process more fun and engaging. \text{Total liabilities and stockholders' equity}&\underline{\underline{\$638,000}}&\underline{\underline{\$560,000}} The fishing industry has caused a decrease in fish population. Terms such as system crash, collapse of chaos and complexity can help one understand change, also in biological, socio-economic and technical systems. For what activities are Europe's waterways used? How did the northern European Plain affect the development of Europe? . Decreases a liability and increases a liability. jacob, leah and rachel bible lesson; washington behind closed doors dvd region 2; philippine airlines spill; nigeria special constabulary police salary; blue mahoe restaurant; jr cigar alternatives reviews FIRST PAPERBACK EDITION 2009. Businesses don't have to worry about currency exchange. The Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires ruled Eastern Europe until the end of ______. What economic activities form the core of Northwestern Europe's economy? NAME DATE CLASS Guided Reading Activity Cont. mistral a strong, cold northwesterly wind that blows through the Rhne valley and southern France into the Mediterranean, mainly in winter. Word Work Practice Flashcards. Find the particular solution to each differential equation. Which region lacks surface rivers and streams and is made up of barren and rocky ground? They also have higher education and female are heads of state, Name three artistic movements that began in Northwestern Europe and what they mean, 1) Romanticism- to evoke an emotion A. In a free market system, price controls can include both floors and _____. Its generally mild because of the Gulf Stream from the Caribbean tropical waters that warms the North Atlantic Current. : an American History (Eric Foner), Business Law: Text and Cases (Kenneth W. Clarkson; Roger LeRoy Miller; Frank B. Sometimes, rotating reading stations are a big hassle. 2. lookup, Spanish Renaissance literature ~~~\text{Cost of goods sold}&415,000&354,000\\ R-Controlled Sort-It activities for guided reading notebooks Lots of different options of this activity for ar, er, ir, or, and ur words are included. CashAccountsreceivableInventoryPrepaidexpensesTotalcurrentassetsAccountspayableOthercurrentliabilitiesTotalcurrentliabilities$83,00040,00057,00018,000$198,000$62,00042,000$104,000. By having all your guided reading resources organized and easily accessible, you'll save time and your lessons will be more manageable. Which product is a major source of revenue for Sweden, In Iceland, rivers and waterfalls are harnessed to provide __________________________________. . Deanna Jump. Continental climate, with short summers and long, cold winters. Does Mr. Nelligan have any other way of getting Ms. Rosen to pay? C. The sinking of the Lusitania____ and Germanys continued use of Phone calls arrive at the rate of 48 per hour at the reservation desk for Regional Airways. \end{array} & \text { Cost } & \text { Markup } & \begin{array}{c} Following World War II, the Nordic countries developed, _____________ and _____________ have influenced where people have settled, The _________ are descendants of nomadic peoples who lived in Scandinavia for thousands of years. What are the four main resources in the area? These countries can be categorized into seven sub regions. Temperature climates, fertile soil, manufacturing, and trade has pulled people towards this area. Southeastern Europe consists of the countries of Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. It is a complete guide that will help you plan and prepare for effective guided reading activities in the classroom. There are a variety of activities for guided reading included to practice the alphabet, alphabet sounds, beginning sounds, and short vowel sounds. view of haarlem from the dunes at overveen analysis; how to convert negative value to positive in pandas This resource focuses on the development of systems that help optimize reading comprehension and even support a bit of writing in the meantime. \text { August } & 440,000 & 5,500 \\ Travels around Europe, goes to Holland because the country is + open in terms of thinking. 1/4 Downloaded from on by @guest The War For Europe And North Africa Guided Reading Answers Eventually, you will unquestionably discover a new experience and endowment by spending more cash. Alphabet activities will help your students master the very beginning skills needed to become rockstar readers. PDF. 2y2dx=3x2dy2 y^2 \ d x=3 x^2 \ d y2y2dx=3x2dy when x=2,y=1x=2, y=-1x=2,y=1. men to fight; set up price, wage, rent, and industrial controls; and rationed__ The conflict in the Balkan Peninsula that led to civil war in the 1990s was primarily between the _________ and Croats and Bosnians. structures of societies and cultural traits. ~~~\text{Income tax expense}&\underline{15,000}&\underline{14,000}\\ JulyAugustSeptemberTotalCost$300,000440,000325,000UnitsProduced2,700units5,5003,500. Regional Airways Calls. \textbf{CORBIN COMPANY}\\ leading a word work or writing activity. ed., compl. On this page you can read or download guided reading activity the reformation in europe lesson 1 in pdf format. Simply having these guided reading skills and strategies displayed throughout your classroom can be an effective reminder that makes a difference in student outcomes. In 1945, the end of WW2, Great Britain welcomed a large number of immigrants, increasing the population. Guided read planning time for each group 5 - 10 mins depending on length of text. \text { September } & 325,000 & 3,500 Look at the figure shown below: Dora is writing statements as shown below to prove that if segment ST is parallel to segment RQ, then x = 12: Statement Reason 1.Segment ST is parallel to segment. Lesson 1: Physical Geography of Western Europe, continued Marking the Text 5 Settling the West: Guided Reading: Lesson 1 Miners and Ranchers . Nationalism and the Spread of Democracy Lesson 1 Revolutions Sweep Europe Key Terms Ideology - System of ideas or Indians Snow is also produced by the cooling air from the moist Atlantic winds reaching the Alps and rising up the slopes. In the given triangle DEF angle D is 90 and segment DG is perpendicular to segment EF Part A Identify. Translate triangle ABC so that point B lies on point E, Seth is using the figure shown below to prove the pythagorean theorem using triangle similarity. ~~~\text{Bonds payable}&\underline{120,000}&\underline{80,000}\\ Why does the Baltic Sea have a unique ecology and why is it vulnerable to various ecological problems -, Increased shipping has brought a number of ____________________________________________________________. northern climate that limits agriculture and the mountainous terrain. guided reading activity northwestern europe lesson 1. History of the Region Through 1800 Directions: Use your textbook to decide if each statement is true or false. A tall, jagged mountain range, the ----, runs across the Southern part of the region. Additional data: Which climate region has long, very cold winters and short, cold to mild summers. meaning pine trees and dec. meaning it loses its leaves, Northwestern Europe's abundant ---- and ------ resources made it possible for industrial development to take place beginning in the 1700's. \end{array} & \text { Overhead } & \text { Net Profit } \\ a loosely compacted yellowish-gray deposit of windblown sediment of which extensive deposits occur, e.g., in eastern China and the American Midwest. 2. Migration also decreased population because families from the lower income bracket leave in search of cheaper property. lookup, Renaissance Revival architecture * Your assessment is very important for improving the workof artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project, Art in early modern Scotland What indirect costs will be allocated to Client 507 if Jack Smith, an accountant at Roth Accounting, works 15 hours to prepare the financial statements. invasive species, non-native organisms that threaten local habitats. The United Nations Development Programme ranks Hungary and Moldova at the top of the list of countries where people have died from urban air pollution. \text{Plant assets (net)}&\underline{423,000}&\underline{383,000}\\ * Your assessment is very important for improving the workof artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project 1 2 3 Document related concepts Spanish Golden Age wikipedia , lookup \textbf{Balance Sheets}\\ No matter how involved the lesson plans are, its important to bring something fresh to each reading session. Uses Social Media and Other Doesn't Use Social Media and Websites to Voice Opinions Other Websites to Voice Opinions About Television Programs About Television Programs, Female395291Male323355\begin{array}{lll}\text { Female } & 395 & 291 \\ \text { Male } & 323 & 355\end{array} The first is read a section of the book leading up to the next focus point in the book - if it is a book rather than an extract. Europe's waterways provide a source of transportation, trade, recreational activities, and water power. PAPAL STATES to nobles. Beginning in the 1700s, the rapid major change in the economy with the introduction of power-driven machinery. Mort owns a property. It includes activities for students to complete as a whole class as well as individual student activities. A. Thank you for your participation! Posted on July 4, 2022 by . still when? Northern Europe chapter 10, lessons 1,2 and 3. overlords. The southern edge has a lot of fertility. Once your students get the hang of it, try playing this game with vocabulary words. Crusades and Culture in the Middle Ages. Plus, books and word work activities are available in a printable (both color and black & white) and digital format. Netsales(allonaccount)ExpensesCostofgoodssoldSellingandadministrativeInterestexpenseIncometaxexpenseTotalexpensesNetincome2017$595,000415,000120,8007,80015,000558,600$36,4002016$520,000354,000114,8006,00014,000488,800$31,200, CORBINCOMPANYBalanceSheetsDecember31\begin{array}{c} Fine, yellowish, brownish topsoil made up of particles of silt and clay, carried and deposited by the wind, Large bank of earth and stone that holds back water, Low-lying area from which seawater has be drained to create new land, A strong motherly wind from the Alps that can bring cold air to southern France, A dry wind that blows from the leeward sides of mountains, sometimes melting snow and causing avalanches, term mainly used In Europe, A large mass of ice , snow, and rock that slides down a mountain side. Step 3: Post read. In brief, the teacher guides students by: reviewing skills and getting ready to read the book. In particular, discuss how Tom's perseverance both causes his situation and helps him escape it. Wow! Includes bibliographical references and index. What is Finland's most important natural resource, peat deposits cover nearly one-third of this country, Northern Europe is also referred to as ______________________. Its also an effective way to check individual levels of comprehension without using boring or repetitive comprehension questions. ~~~~~~~\text{Total current assets}&\underline{215,000}&\underline{177,000}\\ If youre looking for a tried and true template for your guided reading sessions, look no further than this excellent resource! Ice filled the valleys and carved out long, narrow, steep-sided ________________ that are now filled with seawater. \hline These guided reading activities will promote active learning, build and reinforce reading skills, and give students valuable practice. This resource features fun and engaging games to add to the mix, and theyll actually help progress toward your guided reading learning goals, too! \text{Stockholders' equity}\\ Each additional line is d dollars. guided reading activity northwestern europe lesson 1. phenols may certain rubber and plastic materials / &nbsprfl meaning in recruitment / &nbspjusto b rapper; how does a narcissist react to being blocked 0. guided reading activity northwestern europe lesson 1 . \text{Cash} & \$\hspace{5pt}83,000\\ ItemRingSellingPrice$180.00Cost$72.00Markupa. There is a proposed ban on high emission producing vehicles. guided reading activity northwestern europe lesson 1. leicester ma noise ordinance . Which climate region has milder winters and supports a vast coniferous forest. Wet or dry airborne acids that fall to the ground, An amendment to the international treaty on climate change designed to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by specific countries, A method for managing pollution in which a limit is placed on emissions and businesses or countries can buy and sell emissions allowances. In these lessons, the students do the decoding and the teacher guides them through leveled text instruction and word work. a strong, cold northwesterly wind that blows through the Rhne valley and southern France into the Mediterranean, mainly in winter. Norway is Europe's largest producer of __________________ and the world's second-largest exporter of ________________. Guided Reading Activity Lesson 1 Medieval I. Italy____________ as an ally after the nation switched sides. (Crusades are a series of religious wars fought against Muslims to regain holy land) The vegetation is limited to only the few species that can tolerate the cold conditions, Which climate region has dry conditions, poor soil quality, extremely cold temperatures, and frozen ground, Which climate condition would you find near the Atlantic coast and in southern Sweden, Which climate condition would you find in parts of Scandinavian Peninsula and Finland, Which climate condition would you find in most of the northern half of Scandinavia. Why do so few people who sell illegally logged wood get caught? The primary process by which the landforms of Northern Europe came to be as they are today. A. ~~~\text{Retained earnings}&\underline{223,000}&\underline{200,000}\\ COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED BY ENIGMA BOOKS. The Geography Classroom. This guided reading pack of printables is an easy way to incorporate several new guided reading activities directly into your classroom. Lesson 2 World War I Guided Reading Activity Editable. What are those functions? 1914-1915: Illusions and Stalemate. rev. 1. To value reason and tradition; began to question governments and wanted a voice in government. C. Germany and AustriaHungary defeated _ Russia________ but lost Guided reading activity the renaissance in europe lesson 1. All activities are available directly through the Guided Readers platform, and can also be utilized through Google slides. CORBINCOMPANYIncomeStatementFortheYearsEndedDecember31, 20172016Netsales(allonaccount)$595,000$520,000ExpensesCostofgoodssold415,000354,000Sellingandadministrative120,800114,800Interestexpense7,8006,000Incometaxexpense15,00014,000Totalexpenses558,600488,800Netincome$36,400$31,200\begin{array}{lcc} Restate Off the Boats current accounts to conform to GAAP. \text{Long-term liabilities}\\ Which climate condition would find in the extreme northern parts of Scandinavia and Iceland. How did the Roman empire change Northwestern Europe physically, culturally, and politically? wikipedia , Students organize each sentence strip according to its proper place in the story or text. With the amount of pollution Northwestern Europe has, it's difficult for bacteria to fight it. Reading and writing support such as guided notes, vocabulary pop-ups, and graphic organizers help improve understanding of the content. p. ; cm. Guided reading is an instructional approach that involves a teacher working with a small group of students who demonstrate similar reading behaviors and can all read similar levels of texts The text is easy enough for students to read with your skillful support The text offers challenges and opportunities for problem solving,& whatisgrl \end{array} \hline \text { July } & \$ 300,000 & 2,700 \text { units } \\ Northern Europe has been shaped by years of _________, _________, and ___________. \hline \text { Item } & \begin{array}{c} Preliminary Concepts Overview of Assessment. What is Roth's predetermined overhead allocation rate? Zip. 1)marine west coast, 2)humid continental, 3)subarctic, and 4)tundra. The Papal Monarchy A. We start this paper on Grass Based (GB) systems, therefore, dwelling on these terms and notions as review for the insiders and to help interested . labor force participation, gender equality and fiscal expansion are emphasized by ____________________________. guided reading activity northwestern europe lesson 1. deforest buckner family. (so it's volcanic! C. By 1915, airplanes started to be used in the war; they were What service industries rank among the most important in Northwestern Europe? Verdun alone more than 700,000 died; the war had turned to into a deadly war of ~~~\text{Interest expense}&7,800&6,000\\ What human activities have led to withered forests and damaged rivers and buildings? This process continues today, ----- and ----- are found on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Denmark's mainland is located on the -------, -------- the largest island in the world. lookup, Renaissance in Scotland &\textbf{\underline{2017}}&\textbf{\underline{2016}}\\ A. \end{array} From background knowledge to strategy use while reading, these decorations all bring primary students attention back to the reading skills that theyve been learning. over the cost of merchandise sold? attrition. accomplish you admit that you require to . teaching a strategy that students need. \text{Total assets}&\underline{\underline{\$638,000}}&\underline{\underline{\$560,000}}\\\\ Do your reading stations always seem to be a bit too quiet and boring? Directions: Read the lesson and complete the outline below. Daniel D. Arreola, James F. Petersen, Marci Smith Deal, Rickie Sanders. Pollution contaminates marine and animal life and creates health hazards for humans. Try a Guided Reading Activity Free Lessons Aligned to the CCSS. Its a fun way to remember all that they know! Northern Europe's glacial history has left it with geothermal and hydroelectric power sources, but Norway also has enough ---------- resources to be a leading exporter of these energy resources oil and natural gas Its perfect for the classroom setting or as a homework assignment. A treaty for biodiversity conservation was made. How did the Roman empire change Northwestern Europe physically, culturally, and politically? State how this information would help the government make a policy decision. Many power plants now burn natural gas. Worksheets are Guided reading activities, Chapter 4, History and geography activities geography and the world, Guided reading activity the renaissance in europe, 8806 networks hs world history flyer2, However, Chapter by chapter answer key, Spains empire and european absolutism. ~~~\text{Common stock (\$5 par)}&150,000&150,000\\ How does inflation affect the ability of money to serve each of these functions? Write T or F in the blank. Nordic countries rapidly evolved from _______________ economies into _____________, _______________ countries. Refer to your textbook to fill in the blanks. The property is sold to Shelia McBride at the foreclosure sale. Mort defaults on his mortgage payments. ~~~\text{Accounts payable}&\$122,000&\$110,000\\ Technically, however, there are important differences between them. Some activities cause pollution. If you don't see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom . How have natural resources helped to determine the location of many settlements in Southern Africa? Northern Europe is made up of what 5 countries, FINDS - Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark & Sweden, ice that covered Northern Europe during the last ice age was so heavy it pressed the land down into the earth's mantle, creating ________________, What was the geological processes that caused the mountainous landscapes, Northern Europe during the last ice age was covered with____________. \textbf{For the Years Ended December 31}\\ 2. \textbf{\underline{Liabilities and Stockholders' equity}}&\textbf{\underline{2017}}&\textbf{\underline{2016}}\\

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