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Annual Salary -3,346,233.48, 14a. Deputy Inspector General of Police. In most cases, the IGP is named for a four-year term. A zone is controlled by an Assistant Inspector General of Police, while a Commissioner of Police manages a state command. Here we publish several helpful articles in various categories, such as how-to articles, where to find things, resources, business, interviews and reviews. The team comprises professionals and Consultants from different fields of human endeavour. Special constables are volunteer police officers, with full police powers, uniforms and equipment. This is a higher grade of SP with a monthly salary of N223,490, and annual salary of N2,681,881. The Nigerian Police Force has a well-structured and ordered remuneration scheme for its employees based on the Nigerian Police Salary Structure to make personnel payment simple and transparent. Annual Salary - 2,198,228.76. The monthly salary of a Superintendent of Police is N161, 478.29, while the annual salary is N1, 937,739.48. Annual Salary 536,586.36, 3b. 10 Legit online careers for Yahoo Yahoo boys instead of fraud, Top online MBA programs in Nigeria (2023), How to join the Nigerian Police Force: Requirements, salary & more, How to find remote job opportunities as a Software Developer, Why working online is becoming very popular (infographic). After the protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria was declared, some parts of the existing police constabulary in the North and south, became the Northern Nigeria Police and Southern Nigeria Police. Latest England & Wales officer salary info is effective from 1 September 2022, following the government announcement in July 2022 of a 1,900 increase in all pay scales, while also increasing the minimum PCDA salary by 10%. +44 (0)7540 787812 In 1879, the Hausa paramilitary constabulary was established. Your email address will not be published. Updated Nigerian Police Salary Structure 2022 I just learned that sometime around April 2019 Another review was made to the Salaries for Nigerian Police (formally the Nigerian Police Force.). We are in a country fully with lies and deceived, Can you Imagine, that uptil now the NPF have not been pay the approved New salary, Nigerian should stop saying what they did not know, that the police have started enjoying their new salary said by the minister of labour Christ Igige,can you imagine this false information from a minister.on the 18/5/2022 the minister of police affairs said, that the arrangements for payment of the police New approved salary by Mr President has since been concluded and forwarded to the minister of fan, for Payment since last month April 2022,my fellow Nigerian can you see what the NPF are going through serving there may find out your self , It has been dely tactics,May God save our Nigeria leader It is well. The commissioned officers are as follows: The Inspector-General of Police (highest rank in the Nigerian police hierarchy), The Assistant Inspector-General of Police, The Commissioner of Police (In-charge of contingents in a state). Annual Salary 2,251400.28, 11a. In the Nigerian military, there are two forms of officers: commissioned and non-commissioned officers. Assistant Inspector General Of Police earns N5,997,022.44. Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10), Salary per month- 51,113.59 It will be ni Payment to be made upon delivery. Current timestamp: 27/02/2023 22:06:53 Quickly exit this site by pressing the . Monthly Salary-N43, 293.80. 711,498. Recommended: Top 10 Strongest Military Force in Africa. Salary Search: Windsor Police Service Special Constable salaries in Windsor, ON; See popular questions & answers about City of Windsor; 2023 Special Constable. It seeks views on whether the proposals are clear, fair and reasonable. Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1), Salary per month 73,231.51 Your email address will not be published. on Implication, Proffers Solution By KAYODE Abdulazeez "We were made to believe at the Police Training College, that few months after our deployment, we will begin to receive a salary equivalent to that of c . Type. monthly or weekly. If you would like to join the Police and want to learn about its ranks and the pay attached to each position, read on. Annual Salary 746,458.56, 6a. The monthly salary of an Assistant Inspector General of Police is N499, 751.87, while his annual salary amounts to N5, 997,022.44. Complaints filed with the PSC about Nigerian police officers are reviewed by the police, who then write up to the PSC. This is a higher level of a Deputy Superintendent with a monthly salary of N189,451, and annual salary of N2,273,414. For purposes of clarification, the characters seen in the video are police special constabularies recruited to complement the operation of community policing. What do you think about the new salary structure of the Nigerian police force The Nigeria police force salary? Carrying out military assignments in and outside Nigeria as requested by law. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Nigeria Police Force Salary. Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step7), Salary per month 278,852.79 They are listed below. The formation of the Nigeria Police dates to 1820. Those who are in Grade 15 (step 6) will earn N3,635,645.64 in a year. Police Officers usually get 3-4 days a week off, rather than just two. 2nd Class Constable $96,716. Today, it is the lead security and main law enforcement agency in Nigeria provided by the constitution (1999) as the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) with exclusive jurisdiction all over the country. The role of a Special Constable is varied and can be demanding. Implementation of laws and regulations that is within their jurisdiction. JAMB ONLINE TUTORIALS 2023 CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW, January 31, 2023 by mc_owoblow Leave a Comment. The salary is not encouraging at all. He said the volunteers will engage in carrying out low-risk duties while conventional police officers can maximise their resources and time for more tedious jobs. 10:30pm to 6:30am. The special constabulary is a voluntary service. It aids in the differentiation of officers of the same rank. Permanent. Other organizations like Nigeria Immigration, also use these training institutions to train their recruits. The polices over-centralized structure makes it difficult for them to engage with communities as effectively as they should. $25.80 an hour. Ranks & Grades. 20 wireless operators, 244 Ex-Army personnel in the rank of Senior Security Constable to Chief Security Officer and 7 Ex-Army Officers in the rank of Additional . Your email address will not be published. The national average salary for a Special Constable is $71,023 per year in Canada. Your Partner of Innovation Quality carpets, floorcoverings for commercial, industrial and residential . Annual Salary 2,198,228.76, 12b. I rather remain jobless than becoming NPF ???? Could you tell me the source of this information? Is, MTN End of Call Notification: Here in this article, you will see how to activate or deactivate MTN, This is one of the new MTN features called MTNs Gift Data service which allows you to transfer. Annual Salary 1,531,256.16, 7b. Salaries of officers in different ranks of the NPF. Annual Salary - 519,525.6. If you love videos then also Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. By 1983, according to the federal budget, the strength of the NPF was almost 152,000, but other sources estimated it to be between 20,000 and 80,000. CONPOSS: this stands for Consolidated Police Salary Structure. The Assistant Inspector General of Police is the second in command of the police force. The monthly salary of a police recruit is N12, 137.42, while his annual salary amounts to N145, 642. Those who are in Grade 05 (step 1) will earn N582,490.56 in a year. Annual Salary - N5,997,022.44. The monthly salary of the Inspector General of Police is N1,126, 194, while his annual salary is N13. The unit are concerned with crimes related to armed robbery, car snatching, kidnapping and crimes associated with . This is a higher level of Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP, with a monthly salary of N279,289, and annual salary of N3,351,470. It is quite unfortunate that the pay of these officers are peanuts, not enough to even take care of themselves how much more of their families. A similar force, the Niger Coast Constabulary, was formed in Calabar in 1894 under the newly proclaimed Niger Coast Protectorate. Here is a look at the annual salaries given to officers in the different Nigerian Police ranks. We are going to take it from the Recruit to the Inspector General of Police for you to understand the new salaries of various ranks in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF). What is on your mind? Police Constable Level 03. It is God whom knows wht NPF is undergoing on issues of salary but tank God for our father GCFR MOHAMMED BUHAER who is on top of the matter now ? The above salary structure describes the amount paid as salary to employees of the Nigerian Police. Salary per month - N546,572.73. Non-commissioned officers, on the other hand, are the rank and file, the most junior officers. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. CMPB. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. All rights reserved.. 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How much does a cadet assistant superintendent police collect per month, Please let Nigeria do something over police and under force over they salary.salary is so poor . The salary is ?? Your email address will not be published. Finally, in 1896 the Lagos police was formed. . Below are the estimated annual salaries in the Nigerian police arranged by ranks. So, let us show you how to kill two birds with a stone as they say. I would rather join Network marketing or be an inventor rather than become a NP Officer. You should be 1.67 meters tall for males and females 1.62 meters tall, without any physical deformity. This is the polices top intermediate officer and the seventh level of command. As a PC, you'll have the opportunity to make a positive difference to the people of Essex. You can help in traffic control, crowd control, intelligence gathering. STEPS is the number of years youve been on a particular rank. The Nigerian police force also protect the lives of high profile citizens, federal government officials, state government officials and also those of the general public. Police Corporal On Grade 04 (1) Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10) . An Assistant Commissioner of Police is above the Chief Superintendent and Deputy Commissioner of Police. Required fields are marked *. The manner the police are structured is the reason community policing is unsuccessful. Nowadays, the police try as much as possible to extort some money from citizens just to have something to keep up with their wellbeing when the government fails to pay them at the end of the month. There are five Police colleges for training recruits into the Nigeria police in different areas of the country. Therefore, the salary compensation of each officer is based on all of these structures and grades, among other factors. In the 1960s, under the First Republic, these forces were first regionalised and then nationalised. In many police stations, basic equipment and technology are lacking. The Special Constabulary has been in existence since 1831, when Parliament passed 'An act for amending the laws relative to the appointment of special constables, and for the better preservation of the police'. Starting salary range is . Police Recruit. Between the Assistant Commissioner and the Commissioner lies this position. A Cadet Inspector is commonly known as Inspector of Police (IP), and it is the lowest rank held by a police officer after undergoing a training of service as a commissioned officer. Constable Salaries listed are as per Probationary Constable rank on graduation. Police Constable (Grade Level 4 (10)) 4. Because you are able to take up low-risk duties, the police is able to release their manpower, their human resources and assets for the more tedious tasks, he explained. Its quite unfortunate that the police commission are aiding this corrupt act . A non-commissioned officers middle rank is the sergeant. Annual Salary 5,997,022.44. Montly Salary. 711,450.00. If he isnt fired, he will remain in office until the term ends, at which point he must resign and the president picks a new officer to take his place. Police Constable Grade level 03; Salary per month: N43. Salary is no good for the amount of work you have to put in. OAU Cutoff marks for all courses 2023/2024, Monthly and annual salary of the Nigerian Navy 2023, Salary of bankers in Nigeria and their allowances, Best Secondary schools in Nigeria and their fees, Causes, Effects and Solutions to brain drain in Nigeria, List of schools that accept second choice candidates in Nigeria 2022, Best universities to study medicine in south africa 2022, Top 10 Strongest Military Force in Africa, Talent Or Hard Work, Which is More Important? Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step1), Salary per month 242,715.65 Salary per month - 43, 293.80. Chris is a content writer at Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step10) Salary per month - 212,938.16. It is higher than the inspector but lower than the superintendent. Salaries listed per annum (p.a.). He said volunteers can cut across any profession whether formal or informal. I am an inspector of police now but I thank god for this destiny. Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step1), Salary per month 183,185.73 Below is the updated and most recent Police Monthly Salary in Nigeria 2022. Ghana Police Service Recruitment | Application Form, Requirements and Guidelines, Nigeria Police Force Massive Nationwide Recruitment | See Guide Here, US Army Recruitment For Non-Citizens (Africans) | Application Details & Guide, French Army Recruitment For Africans & Other Non-Citizens | Full Application Guide, Canadian Army Recruitment For Foreigners | Application Guide & Requirements, Ghana Police Service Recruitment Graduate Professionals Requirements, Ghana Police Service Recruitment Graduates General Duty Requirements, Ghana Police Service Recruitment Tradesmen Recruits Requirements, Filed Under: News Tagged With: meaning of dpo in nigeria police force, newly approved police salary, Nigeria Police Force Salary Structure 2023/2024, nigeria police recruitment, npf salary 2023, police monthly salary, police ranks in nigeria, police salary 2023, police salary in nigeria 2023, Hello world; I am ThankGod AKA Owoblow. According to Wikipedia, as of 2016, Nigeria has 371,800 active Police force. A police corporal on grade level 04 (10) is another level of the rank of a police officer above the rank of a police corporal on grade 04 (1). An Assistant Commissioner of Police is above the Chief Superintendent and Deputy Commissioner of Police. Check below for the highlights of take home pay of the men and officers of the Nigeria Police Force. This is a higher rank of CSP with a monthly salary of N247, 020, and annual salary of N2,963,995. Asked if state governors can pay the volunteers, Mba said: If any state decides to say for example, that we have the capacity to give them extra N20,000 to serve as motivation, we have no problem with that., How much are they going to pay them for the allawonce and how is it going to be paid? It is also divided into two grades; A police recruit is someone who is training to become a police officer.

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